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Dump Chrome, use Brave

I mentioned this in my blog post Cybersecurity Best Practices but I thought it worth pointing out separately because of Google’s contempt for user privacy. That’s their business model—Google is not a search company, they are an advertising company. Like Facebook, they want every shred of our personal information they can get so they can […]

3-2-1 Backup

For any data that is important to you — work documents, financial info, family photos and videos, anything you would not want to lose — consider maintaining at least two copies of it. Computers can crash and take all of your data with it in a split second. It’s rare, but I have seen it […]

Synology NAS

If you are considering a file server for your small business or home office, the Synology Disk Station is easily one of the best options you will find at a great price. This class of device is known as a NAS (Network Attached Storage). It works with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers as well as […]

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Cybersecurity has become even more important now with more people working from home. In a corporate office environment certain computer and network security issues are handled by the IT staff, but there are things you may want to do to protect yourself in your normal day-to-day situations. If you have questions about security, get in […]


Notion brands itself as an “All-in-one workspace” and it is one of the best general productivity technologies I have seen. It’s a little hard to explain everything that you can do with it, and I think it is one of those things that a lot of people want but won’t know it until they see […]